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A Timeless Vision: The Lace Wedding Dresses

Every bride has her own taste when it comes to her wedding gown, some like silk and tulle and others like organza and lace. There are a multitude of materials to choose from for wedding dresses and every type of wedding dress is beautiful, but the most iconic and vintage style is the lace wedding dress.

Lace wedding dresses have been popular for decades and they have a classic and timeless look and feel to them that many brides love. There are many different styles of wedding dresses that have lace incorporated in them. You can choose a dress with lace covering the entire dress or some choose wedding dresses that have pieces of lace woven into the dress for a more modern look. Wedding dresses with lace covering the entire dress have the most vintage and timeless look to them.

The 1950s saw the most popular time for lace wedding dresses and most were much different from the styles that we see today. Lace wedding dresses were usually a tea length, where it sits right below the knee. The other popular length was the ballerina length and the dress rested right above the bride’s ankle, to show off a beautiful shoe and a delicate woman’s ankle. Dresses were not usually stark white in color either. Dresses were usually an off white cream color and this gives a more vintage and antique feel.

Lace wedding dresses that are popular today are different than those that were popular in the 1950s era. Most dresses are floor length covering the bride entirely on bottom and touching the floor. Most lace wedding dresses are simple in structure and lay flat against the body instead of being a puffier ball gown type structure. However, brides can choose the structure, color, length, and every other detail about their dress if they want. The lace wedding dress style is completely up to the brides taste and style, some like vintage style lace wedding dresses and some like modern day lace wedding dresses.

No matter what the bride chooses, lace wedding dresses are beautiful and will always be a popular style dress for years to come. The lace wedding dress will always be an iconic and timeless gown for brides and the style will never decease in being a popular choice amongst brides.