Shipping – Okeydress


Estimate Delivery Time Schedule
Total Delivery Time = Order Tailored/Processing Time + Order Shipping Time

All orders must be processed before they are shipped. The total time to receive your order is split into two parts: Processing Time and Shipping Time. Please use the chart below to help you to know how long it will take to receive your order.

Please be notified that customers are responsible for the correct delivery address from the order. Any address change from their original order will be only effective once our sales support replied by written email. Customers are responsible for the delivery delay or return back issue caused by their providing the wrong information.

Shipping Method
You can choose the prefect shipping method from "Rush order", according to you requirement during the checkout process for most products, we will offer you a choice of these three shipping methods.

We work with most international carriers to secure the timely delivery, such as UPS, DHL, etc.

* The 24 hours space before processing is left for customers who in case need to do some modifications on the orders.

* Processing time 6 - 15 days that depends on different category.

* Total delivery time of mixed orders with items in different dresses should be calculated using the longest estimate times listed.