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Bridesmaids Style Guide: Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses work for many weddings, especially those in colder months. There are various styles to choose between, and it is important to consider your friends who will be wearing them. Here is a short style guide to help you pick the perfect dresses.

Material of the Dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses usually come in two different styles of material. You can get those that are free-flowing, or you can choose more rigid material. The more rigid material can be better for those of a larger size or shape. Flowing material can end up clinging.

Sleeves or No Sleeves

Another important aspect is sleeves. There are different types of sleeves available, or you can opt for strapless dresses completely. If you have bridesmaids who are larger or have big chests, opting for sleeves of some type is best. You could choose a halter-neck style just to offer support for your bridesmaids.
Another option is to have a strap on one side. This type of strap works very well with flowing long bridesmaid dresses.

Calf-Length or Full-Length

Just how long should you choose your bridesmaid dresses to be? Full-length ones can be great, as long as they are long enough to cover the shoes. There is just something odd about being able to see the feet, especially with chiffon dresses. If you’re worried about the dresses not quite covering everything, opting for calf-length dresses is often preferred.

Colours That Reflect the Theme

Finally, think about the colouring of the dress. You want a colour that will match the theme or scheme that you already have. However, it also needs to work with your bridesmaid’s colouring. If they have purple hair, a red dress may not be the best of options! Compromise and find a colour that will work with both.

While you want a dress that you like, it also needs to suit your bridesmaids. When buying long bridesmaid dresses, think about the material you will choose to make sure it flatters your bridesmaids’ figures. Then you can work on the finer details.