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Bridesmaids Style Guide: Short Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are in the market for short bridesmaid dresses there is a right way and a wrong way to choose your dresses. You should look for certain qualities in your bridesmaid dresses so you end up with something your bridal party will be happy with. The goal is to balance the shortness of your bridesmaid dresses with the length of your wedding dress. The general rule of thumb is that a short bridesmaid dress should come down to just above your bridesmaid’s knees. This is why it is important to have each of your bridesmaids try dresses on before purchasing them.

The material a bridesmaid dress is made of will make the difference between a dress that looks great and one that is undesirable. Since a wedding is a fancy occasion you will want to make sure your bridesmaid dresses are made of silk or satin, as these are the most elegant materials for a short dress. Any other type of material will likely not look shiny enough to complement your wedding dress and the seriousness of the occasion.

An understated design is the best choice when it comes to any bridesmaid dress. As the bride you want to be the center of attention, so the chosen bridesmaid dresses should never be more fashionable or more noticeable than the wedding dress itself. While a good bridesmaid dress is elegant, it is not particularly flashy.

Your wedding day should be a sassy and fun experience for you and this should be reflected in the dresses your bridesmaids wear. In general, short bridesmaid dresses are best for an informal wedding as they are frowned upon at formal, traditional weddings.

If your wedding is taking place during the summer or in an environment that is warm all year long your bridesmaids will be much more comfortable in short dresses than long ones. This is especially true if your wedding itself will be held outdoors, as many outdoor weddings are held on the beach and long bridesmaid dresses would simply get dirty and could even easily trip the ladies.

Knee-length Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

The height of each of your bridesmaids should be taken into consideration when deciding on short dresses for them. These dresses are generally fine for shorter women, but taller women are likely to look ridiculous and be embarrassed to be seen in a short bridesmaid dress.

Many short bridesmaid dresses are off the shoulder dresses and this style is often a good choice if your ladies have toned arms and shoulders that they would like to show off. Wrap dresses are a good choice for your ladies if they have a smaller waistline and this style can add some elegance to your informal wedding. An A-line cut bridesmaid dress is always an option as this style of dress compliments most women’s figures. Following these pieces of advice will help you and your bridesmaids choose the perfect dresses to complement your wedding, no matter what the theme.