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British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

British weddings are steeped in a historical tradition. Of course, for the contemporary bride, some of the older traditions are left behind. But, they still crave adding those unique traditional touches to their big day.

Many of the traditions are ones that brides want to incorporate. After all, could you imagine getting married in anything but a big white dress? When it comes to matters of getting married, there are some traditions and etiquettes that are still used today.

Typically, in the UK, a man will propose to his wife-to-be on bended knee. There are some spectacular ways that he will do this. Of course, each couple is different, and there are no hard and fast rules to proposing. A groom will usually as the father of the bride for her hand in marriage before he does so. Then, he will pop the question and present to her a diamond ring. Of course, engagement ring styles have changed in accordance with fashion and trends. Yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold are the usual favourites. While this may change to reflect the fashions and trends of the time, the diamond has always remained a mainstay. After this, some couples choose to celebrate with a lavish engagement party. This is in accordance with British wedding traditions.

Planning the Big Day
The planning of a wedding can take years. Usually, a couple will spend two years planning their dream day. But, while this is traditional, many happy couples may be engaged for longer or shorter.

With the big day approaching, many couples will be keen to incorporate traditional elements into their wedding day.

Traditionally, the father of the bride will pay for the wedding. Of course, this is a tradition and not one that is observed as readily in 2014. Now, both parents are happy to pay for the nuptials. Many betrothed couples are eager to have a summer wedding. In the UK, summers can be warm, pleasant and bring out the best of their wedding photos. July to September is considered to be the ‘wedding season’ within Britain.

The Wedding Day
A typical, traditional British wedding will have certain expectations. As a rule, the groom will not see his bride to be until the ceremony. They will spend the night before their wedding apart. The bride will then meet the groom at their chosen wedding venue. It is the tradition for the bride to be fashionably late.

Once the beautiful vows have been exchanged, many happy couples will celebrate with their wedding guests in the form of a wedding breakfast. This is traditionally a lavish three-course meal accompanied with lashings of champagne. Of course, no one is expected to drink too much during the day. While all this is going on, the meal will be intercepted with speeches. Traditionally, the most hotly anticipated speech is courtesy of the best man. In accordance with tradition he will often give a rousing, yet hilarious speech. There is a lot of pressure for the best man to perform! Of course, the father of the bride will also give a speech. Typically, this will reduce the congregation tears.

Gifts in terms of money and household goods are given. This is so that the newlyweds can enjoy their new life together. The celebratory parties will often go into the small hours of the next day.